Friday, October 3, 2014

DAD 3: Lee Taylor & Cedar's Padraig, Prix St. Georges open, 2014

This Connemara gelding competed at Prix St. Georges at Dressage at Devon.

When I saw this pony I suddenly remembered that as a child I dreamed -- really, literally dreamed -- of a having horse this color. Isn't he gorgeous? Kudos to the team that brought him to Devon.


  1. What a lovely pony! That is a gorgeous color. (Connemaras are one of my favorites - in any color.)

  2. When they just started making sport horses bigger and bigger, I felt a little left out. No way this 5'2" frame is sitting a boingy 17.2hh Dutch WB well. This is totally my speed and style. Go Connemaras! :)

  3. I love the color also, and such a pretty pony! Has talent for sure. I am always so pleased to see ponies competing alongside the big guys and doing so beautifully. I still have such wonder memories of Teddy, the wonder horse (eventing) ridden by Karen O'Connor. That pony was my hero…..


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