Tuesday, October 21, 2014

One more color: Mood beads browband

I found these great beads at the Arizona Bead Company -- they're Mirage"mood beads" -- thermosensitive beads that change into purples, blues, greens, ambers, and magenta based on the temperature. Unlike the kitschy mood beads, these high end beads are of high quality, and the color change is near-instantaneous. They are a bit expensive but Oh, I love this browband. $90 from my store on Etsy, BTBbrowbands. More photos on the Facebook BTB Browbans page.


  1. oooh very pretty! not sure i want to know my mare's mood tho when i'm struggling through the basics haha

  2. That is gorgeous. I may have to order one so I know when my mare is having a good day and when she's not. lol

  3. Love this one! Those beads are too cool. If I had a horse I'd totally get this.


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