Sunday, October 12, 2014

Riding Warehouse -- awesome boots!

They aren't right for Riley (who has his own orange version) but these come in silver and pink patent -- someone needs to buy them so I can live vicariously through their purchase :-). Available from  I can vouch for the company from various purchases and good experiences. I waffled on a pair of riding boots and they were patient and helpful, holding my order and providing additional options and info. If you buy these let me know!

I love these gray sport boots, and they also come in pink! The price is right at $39.95 from


  1. I really like those, and have forwarded the link to someone who I know would use them! I'd like to pretend I'm that brave/awesome, but I'd probably be all safe and go with the black (unless a dark blue option was available)

  2. oh man, i need those silver boots. not only are they silver, but BLACK FEECE! thanks for the link!


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