Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Riley Oct 4 video

Here is some footage of Riley and I from this fall. He's doing really well! The bottom line for our progress at this point is for me to show better control over my upper body to keep the reins at a consistent length. Every time I mount up I tell myself my job is to give Riley a more stable place to work.  The real progress is in my understanding of what I need to do as a rider, not only to get the best work but to re-establish it when things go pear-shaped.


  1. You two sure make pink and orange look great together! LOVE IT!!! :)

    Is it just me, or has Riley shot up in height? Maybe it is just his maturing topline, but I swear he looks a foot taller than before! It's really cool to see how his gaits have "grown up" and he's using his motor nicely. Maybe that's why he appears taller ...

    He seems to be nice and level-headed here. You're both making a good "working environment" for each other. :) I'm a sucker for pictures and videos, and I really love the Riley and Harvey updates the best! Keep 'em coming. :)

  2. His trot has so much more volume! When you ask for more, it is there and lovely!


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