Thursday, October 23, 2014

Saddle sore. No, really

Not my buttocks.
I had a bad ride today.

No, Riley was fine (he is always a good boy). But I was hurtin'!  From saddle sores. On my seatbones.

I don't often suffer from this problem -- but occasionally something chafes. I don't think it is my breeches. I think it is partly the weather, partly my riding, and partly my underwear. The ouchy areas are approximately where the rear (so to speak) seams for the cotton insert are.

Ironically, extra-comfy seamless microfiber underwear is the culprit!

Poor Riley -- instead of trying to sit deeply I found myself hovering over him and tipping forward. I did not want to do the sitting part of posting trot :-). Fortunately certain body parts heal quickly, and this is one of them.

There are lots of products out there for cyclists, and riders. I have a sample of Chamois Butt'r. Anyone have a good solution?


  1. Yes, I actually have this problem quite often. I ride reiners and 10 hour, 100* days coupled with damp denim and damp undies mean chafing out of this world. So I bought a pair of softball sliding shorts and wear those under my jeans. They don't trap moisture and they provide an extra layer between denim and undies. And if this fails medicated Goldbond powder will save your life. Hope this helps!

  2. A & D ointment (look for the yellow/orange product) with fish liver oil.
    (the white ointment is more for the diaper rash in little ones, but can be substituted if you can't find the one with fish liver oil).
    It also works wonders after consuming spicy food!

    M in NC

  3. Monkey Butt Powder! Esp good for all day hunts, or trail rides.


  5. Under armour under your breeches. Works great even when out hunting.


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