Friday, October 24, 2014

Sleazy Barb Horsewear: Sort of a giveaway

Harv's new Sleazy Barb Legwear fast leg wraps are working really well. They fit, and stay up well for wraps that are on 24 hours at a time, and safe for quiet turnout in my experience.  There are so many nice features in this product! They:
  •  help keep swelling down like traditional wraps
  • are made from a special Air-Flo neoprene and covered with premium quality Lycra.
  • are lined with mesh
  • are simple to put on, with wide velcro running the length of the wrap
  • clean up well
  • don't bother Harv
  • don't cost a fortune
I've bought 2-3 more sets for winter. Harvey, who is 17H and has a lot of bone, takes a medium in the hind leg, so they are generously sized. 

If you have a large horse -- larger than Harv -- and would like to try these, I'll send you my size L hind wraps -- kind of a giveaway, if you don't mind an item that has been used once.

They are custom made but ship really quickly, which is nice. The color options are awesome.

This isn't a paid endorsement and no free products were exchanged -- I'm just very happy with this item.


  1. I would LOVE to try your Large pair! I have a draft x who gets periodic swelling in her hinds and I am so sick of standing wraps!

  2. Annye, what is your email address? Send to behindthebit @


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