Saturday, November 22, 2014

Running and riding

If you read Dressage Curmudgeon as I do,  you know that she is running marathons now.  Read her last post where she compares dressage to running. She writes:

"Long story short - competitive dressage people, you are way too hard on yourselves. Any time you show any level that is difficult for you - you should be proud of yourself. Even if things go horrifically wrong. I wish we could all be as supportive of each other as strangers were of me when I ran a molasses slow marathon."
Sporteology ranked horseback riding in the top ten most difficult sports.  I agree with Dressage Curmudgeon that we are very hard on ourselves as a sport. Maybe this is part because we have partners in our sport that do not necessarily share our goals. We want to do right by them, and that is a good thing.

Slightly à propos to this post, I'll mention that with zero preparation (other than the occasional slow jog) I ran the annual Turkey Trot at the university where I work. It was on a whim. I was thinking I would end up walking part of the 2.7 mile run, which is up and down a mountain (first mile is a killer!).  As it turned out, I ran it. I think my time won't match the other years I ran it -- but it was a much easier run, I didn't feel stressed or tired. So I am happy with that.

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