Friday, December 5, 2014

Winterizing your car, equestrian style!

Winterizing your car, equestrian style. Hatchback equipped w/two containers piping hot water; carrots and apples lightly steamed; bucket o beet pulp, covered by a heavy cooler.

For the Harvster of course!


  1. clever taking your hot water with you! the only hot water we have at my barn is a little electric coffee pot thingy... takes forever if you need a substantial amount!

  2. My "solution" to hot water at the barn--I keep my horse at home--is a battered but functioning 42-cup coffee maker that makes incredible noises (scares the dogs ;o) but does yeoman duty in winter for mashes for my "pony" and the occasional cup of tea for his devoted caretaker and "go-fer" (me ;o) I will definitely look into something like this for winter riding and a treat after the lesson. I think covering the containers with a spare cooler is genius!


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