Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Batwing Newman II and Bob update

This is a busy time of year at work, and some projects that are things only I can do --"the Stacey Show" -- gotta get'em off the ground myself. Also I'm prepping for my second trek to visit my folks and praying for decent weather.

Bob update
 Bob is on week three of radiation, stronger this time. He is losing his fingernails and toenails, and while this is expected, the painfulness of the process is an unexpected and unpleasant surprise. He can't use his hands much, so I'm his go-to for opening jars, some doors, twisty light-switches, etc. To top it off, he fell twice on Saturday, once in the house and once on the way to an awards banquet. No explanation.

 There is an awesome Horze giveaway coming up (hint -- need a dressage bridle?) which will likely stretch into several posts.

 Meanwhile, more kitty cuteness. Newman in repose.


  1. Sending best wishes for Bob.
    Cute kitty!

  2. Prayers for Bob. Hope he finds some relief soon.


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