Thursday, January 1, 2015

Harvey's new year message

Happy New Years from Harvey. His words of wisdom for a great 2015...

Keep the sun on your back, keep the feed dish full, have a cushy digs, and don't worry about a few extra pounds. 

I feel so lucky to have Harv and Riley in my life. 

I know I don't talk much about Riley lately. Riley gets wonderful full-service care at his barn, and I never worry about him--I just go and ride and have fun. No recent video either, and here's why.  Bob came out once and found my trainer videoing me in a lesson. I got a severe scolding from him -- while my trainer was perfectly willing (just short segments), and it is very valuable to me to review it,  it is a distraction and maybe asking too much. Bob seldom pushes hard on an issue, but he actually forbade it. Now I only have video when Bob comes to watch. Sorry!

So that's Riley.

Harv is a stronger focal point in my life right now, because he needs me. He is my last "chore" of the day, and I visit him every night to feed him, heat his water, clean his legs, change his wraps, pick his stall, and pat him. It takes about 45 minutes to do everything. Harv follows my progress through these chores, bright-eyed and attentive -- it's like I'm his TV. When it's all done and he is tucked in, I feel such a mixture of emotions -- satisfaction, love, and relief in knowing he is safe and tucked in. I can finally relax and let the day be over. It truly is the best part of my day...

Here's to a wonderful 2015, all!


  1. How is it any of Bob's business what you do doing your lessons?

  2. Hi Anonymous, Because I value his perspective and in this case, I feel he is correct. I was surprised by how strongly he felt and he made good case for why it was not the right thing to do. Bob has very good instincts for right and wrong, and also with regard to horses. He may not know the technical aspects of riding but he gets the big picture and the broad goals of dressage. I value his opinion...

  3. wishing you and Bob and your horses a happy 2015!

  4. I still don't understand why it is "wrong" for your instructor to video you during your lesson. (And from what you post I think Bob is a great guy too.)


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