Saturday, January 10, 2015

Just crappy news...

Out-take from the Christmas photo shoot. Harv was NOT READY!
Bob underwent radiation therapy in November -- total skin electron beam therapy. He concluded treatments in early December, and we were hopeful that it might bring lasting remission. The theory is that the radiation knocks the cancer back to square one, and it makes the job of the regular drugs easier.

Well, this time it was not to be. The remission lasted only about five weeks, and while it did make his skin improve (normal!) it caused other issues that detracted from what might have been enjoyable good health.

Round two of radiation starts next Tuesday. This time they're going to hit it a little harder -- poor Bob, he had reactions to "treatment lite" -- now we'll have to deal with some blistering and swelling beyond what we had the last time.

Bob is not working now either. Even in the few weeks he was starting to get well, he was talking about going back to work. No chance of that now, at least not yet. He'll be commuting 90 minutes one way to his radiation treatments four days a week.

He seldom complains, but recently he did state (pretty loudly) that he was NOT going to let the disease stop him from the things he enjoys. He's hanging in there. But it is harder for him, I know.

The rough thing is, there is no cure -- it's got to be managed -- and that seems to be getting harder to do. One doctor told us we just needed to find the right treatment. I hope he  is right...


  1. Your posts about Bob always strike a chord with me. My wife has psoriasis, which also can't be cured, only managed, and has some similar symptoms and treatments. She's on a treatment that's like a miracle finally - but it's so expensive that the insurance companies only OK it after you've tried literally everything else. When I think of the pain and inconvenience that could have been avoided if she'd been allowed this medication ten years ago... Grr.

    I am crossing my fingers that you and Bob find something that works for him, and soon.

  2. I am so sorry that you guys are going through this. I can only imagine how difficult it would be. I hope that the next round does the trick.

  3. Wish there was some way this reader could lighten your incredibly heavy burden....

  4. So sorry, sending lots of positive thoughts that he's in a lasting remission soon :)

  5. So frustrating. Please give Bob my best wishes again. There is not much more to do except to send good vibes and hopes for success.

    I do love his attitude. Such personal determination and strength is admirable. Go, Bob!

  6. I have recently been researching turmeric. it's worth a try for Bob.

  7. I too am sorry to read about this setback, but Bob's attitude is going to make a huge difference for his recovery. He is a fighter and he's got a wonderful support system (you!) Sending prayers to you both.

  8. Harvey actually looks pretty good. I'm so sorry you're going through this for another round. Sending prayers!!!


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