Thursday, February 19, 2015

I should have known better

Harvey selfie
Harv's stall has a dutch door facing the aisle and outdoors. I love that he can hang his head out the door, but one has to be careful.

And sometimes one isn't careful enough.

I have kept Harv's extra stash of grain in a rubber tub with clamshell style clips that keep it closed; it's stored next to Harv's stall, but normally he can't reach it even from his open stall front. It is several feet from the opening and too low for him to get.

We're low on shavings this week, so last night at about 7pm,  Bob and I brought a few bagged shavings from Tractor Supply  and placed them under the tub.

Major fail! Major change in the Harvey ecosystem, and ill-thought-out.

This morning, I got a text. Harvey didn't waste any time after we left. The morning crew came into an open tub of grain that Harv had eaten down. He had unclipped the lid and mowed down on the grain in his reach (thankfully not that much).

It's senior feed and not likely to make him ill, but we have relocated the shavings bags just the same.

Clever, fat Harvey...


  1. he doesn't miss a trick! clever pony

  2. We never fail to underestimate how clever horses really are. Glad he didn't eat too much.

  3. haha somehow that doesn't surprise me at all :)


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