Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Riley and his new sheepskin accoutrement

Riley's old cribbing strap fuzzies have been in sad shape for about six months -- dirty, too old to launder again, and in the last month, several pieces have gone missing. I use real sheepskin because I want Ri to be comfortable as possible.

It couldn't wait any longer. I finally ordered more fuzzies for Riley's cribbing strap from  Sheepskins fuzzies run about the same price no matter where you buy them, so I wanted to go for quality. JMS is great -- they have MANY color options, but while some of their other products came in pink, the cribbing strap pieces did not list that option. I ordered brown but in the order I threw in a comment that I'd love it in pink. Five days later, VoilĂ !

Riley is happy.



  1. Such a handsome face! Does he have those ear callus things? My OTTB has those, and they really itch. Vet tells me they are not contagious and there's not much I can do with them. Do you concur?

  2. I thought they were warts. THey don't seem to bother him. Trying to think what I would apply to the inside of the ear -- maybe cat anti-mite meds?


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