Saturday, March 7, 2015

Bob's toe and radiation

I'm showing photo of healthy toes here, because I don't want to post an embedded image of Bob's toe last week (click on link if you are medically inclined and/or curious). On our trip home for dad's funeral, Bob was complaining that his feet hurt. He has some foot numbness from the Interferon, so this was unusual.

After we got to the hotel and removed his shoe, this was what Bob's toe looked like, and his foot was swollen up to his calf.  He talked about wearing sneakers with his dress suit, and I said no -- if you have to wear sneakers wear the cords and Henley shirt. No half-way. It turned out his dress shoes were reasonably comfortable, even with the blister. He was in full dress for the event.

As my dear friend Erica used to say, "better to look good than to feel good."

This blistering is a side effect of the radiation, and it has happened once before to the other foot. However, the radiologist has been shielding the feet this go-round, so we are not sure how this happened. Also this time it has been far more painful and despite being lanced, it continues to fill and drain.

On the flight back Bob spoke to the Delta rep and they were wonderful. They offered a ride and a wheelchair and we were in the special "board early group." While we initially agreed to the wheelchair, when they actually showed up, Bob turned them down.


  1. We haven't heard anything about Riley's foot in a long time. Maybe he and Bob should go toe to toe? (But truly, I am sorry for your run of tough luck.)

  2. Riley's foot is no longer troubling him, or us!

  3. Not sure whether to "like" this or "dislike" it because either way, I feel I'm sending the wrong message. :o( Liquidambar is correct--you and Bob are having a run of tough luck and I'm hoping things get better for you very soon. My 2006 was like that. If it weren't for bad luck, I didn't have any luck at all. Regardless, Bob's doctors are "on the case" and Bob is a fighter and he's got YOU in his corner. Sounds "win-win-win" to me.


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