Saturday, March 14, 2015

KT Saddlery: Gem in Perkasie

Have to give a shout-out to KT Saddlery in Perkasie, PA. They carry a feed from Nutrena that Harvey loves and does well on -- Nutrena ProForce Senior (aka the "black bag") -- and it doesn't break the bank. The staff are friendly, the feed, tack, and supply inventory is impressive, and the service is great! They deliver to Harv's location so I'm not lugging feed in my Toyota Yaris any more.

The added bonus is they have these beautiful giant drafts on the property. One day I'll take Bob out there, I know he'll love seeing these guys.


  1. Perkasie....actually I've never been there but the name strikes my heart. My first horse, my Thorughbred, Russell R. was born in Perkasie. Never was able to get in touch with his breeder. Apparently Russell ended up going through the New Holland auction before he ended up with a wonderful dealer in South Jersey. Then he became mine. He was a special "heart" horse like Harv.

  2. According to the Nutrena website, ProForce Senior is only available back east. Bummer. Guess my CA senior will have to stick with Safe Choice dry. He loves it, my favorite feed store carries it, and he does well on it.

    Harvey is doing VERY well, so lucky you to have a feed that does well for him.


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