Sunday, April 12, 2015

Eventing mishap

I found this photo sequence on the site. The horse/rider were not seriously injured. The camera-work was done by Harry McMillian at

Who can say why things went so far south and the horse opted to go UNDER? But it looks like the rider reacted quickly to save her a$$. 

The rider is so balanced in this moment! 
The log is right at the height of her head. The angle of the horse's back and hocks is scary -- that is a lot of angle.

There may not have been time to "bail" but what a gutsy move to try to stay on and go under! 
Off she goes.

The horse looks okay but look at the straightness of his hocks and toe angle. That step down must have hurt!

Aftermath. Think the frangible pin is breaking.

Log coming down. Another awful moment, and you can't even see the rider!

I wonder how heavy the log is...

The other side...

Finally see the rider's boot.
Now I'm wondering if the rider did hit the log. Her head is left, legs are right.

Don't like the hunched look in back.


  1. yikes. I'm sure that that horse had a sore back afterwards!

  2. Let us know if or what you learn of injuries to both horse and rider. That certainly was a crazy idea on the horse's part. I guess he just didn't feel brave enough to go over.

  3. Very brutal. Exactly why I don't have the guts to do XC!! Scary.


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