Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Honey Leather Conditioner -- A review

I tried the Honey Leather Conditioner on my bridle and saddle a few days after I used the cleaner -- by happenstance, not because the manufacturer recommends this. 

Using the cloth provided, I smeared the conditioner -- which is clear, but with a somewhat honey-like consistency -- it is not oily at all. It spread easily onto the bridle leather, did not leave an icky residue, and it leaves a wonderful sheen. Even though the conditioner has a tacky consistency, the leather was not sticky at all. 

Now, with the saddle, the conditioner was not quite as easy to apply. The stickiness makes it a little harder to spread evenly across the broad surface of the saddle. You can see in the photo right that there are slightly shinier areas one full day after I applied the conditioner -- that is where it went on bit more thickly. Fortunately it is easy to redistribute.

I think there are three standout features of this conditioner:
  1. The leather SHINES.
  2. The conditioner is not oily.
  3. The treated leather is not sticky 
The one mild "downside" is the sticky consistency of the conditioner as it comes out of the bottle -- imagine spreading real honey on leather, and you'll get the idea. I think that the ends justifies the means here. I love that it enhances the leather's feel and shine without leaving an oily residue. 

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