Thursday, April 16, 2015

Newman's surgery saga, Part 2

Newman was in surgery for more than two hours. While the assistant reassured me that Newman was okay (no problems with the surgery), I was pretty nervous when I finally got the call from the vet, two hours after the projected time of followup.

What the vet said...
Newman had SIX teeth extracted. One was so badly abscessed that it had formed a hole in the nasal cavity--the source of the snotty nose. So it is a good news/bad news scenario...

  1. We have the source of the nasal discharge for sure. Good.
  2. The hole in his nasal cavity might need to be surgically closed. Possibly another surgery. Bad. 
We need to give Newman 8-10 days to heal, then we go back in to see if the hole from the mouth to the nasal cavity still exists. 

Newman is eating soft food and healing up. He seems pretty perky. The dental situation that has been dragging him down has lifted, and he really does look better, from his clear eyes to his coat (which is smoother in appearance) to his energy level. 

Four years we own this cat, thinking he is just not high-energy, just not very curious, and well, kind of lazy. It may have been his teeth the whole time. We'll see.

Stay tuned for part 3....


  1. good luck - hope he recovers well!

  2. Good lesson in this for all of us. Cat dental cleanings are really important. I have several cats that have had tooth extractions. Usually they do just fine afterwards. Hope Newman will be like them. Animals have remarkable healing powers.


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