Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Noble Outfitters jacket: Compliments roll in

A while ago Noble Outfitters sent me this Pinnacle jacket which retails at $189. While I loved it, it was too cold to wear in December. Now, the weather is perfect, and I've worn it to work about 10 times. I've washed it once, and this weekend I flew to Louisville KY and back in it.

 Flying is hard on clothing, you're cramped and crinkled, and smooshed into tiny seats where you sit for an hour with your knees digging into the back of the seat in front of you. The jacket looked as crisp at the end of the trip as it did on the start.

Guess how many unsolicited compliments, from strangers? FIVE.

  • The Delta ticket agent
  • The director of the assisted living facility where my mom lives
  • Boutique owner where I took my mom
  • Resident of the same facility
  • Passenger in first class on the plane we shared (I was on my way to my cheap seat).

I took the picture to the right in the airport restroom at the end of my trip. It's not a great photo, but let me tell you that I felt stylin', even in yoga pants -- it's a very Kate Hepburn kind of jacket and I felt super-polished but comfortable.

I used to want to buy an Asmar Rider's Jacket which retails for $230 -- but I've tried the Asmar jacket on, and this jacket is a nicer cut and fit. I think will be flattering on all figures.


  1. it is very nice. looks like the right length for riding in too!

  2. Such a nice jacket, I love how polished and tailored it looks, off to check out the web site...

  3. Thank you for this blog...I'm trying to decide between the Asmar rider jacket and this Pinnacle jacket you just reviewed! Can you tell me if you actually tried the Asmar jacket on & if it is the same weight as this Pinnacle...or is it heavier? Was were the 'functional' factors in your decision to go with the Pinnacle? (aside from looks...as it does look great on you!) Tks much;)

  4. I did try on the asmar jacket at rolex, but to be honest in all areas except for color, I like the noble outfitter jacket. The price of the Asmar was heart-stopping. There is a kerrits equivalent of the longer asmar but it was lighter weight and seemed cheaper in look and feel. Note too that the tan version is deeply discounted on horseloverz.com -- only a few sizes but check it out. The NO jacket is slightly crisper and more structured fabric...


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