Thursday, April 9, 2015

Noble Outfitters Lil' Lover shirt -- my third!

I'm 53 (!) and have to watch what kind of sleeveless shirt I wear -- I like an armhole that doesn't reveal too much, and while there are some skimpy aspects to this shirt it is flattering and beautifully draped. This year I got the heather grey and periwinkle Lil' Lover shirt from Noble Outfitters. At $22 why not? I wear it running, riding, and cycling and they wash beautifully. If you're not convinced, they are in stores all over -- try one on...


  1. Oh no, I had to buy this. So cute :)

  2. What size should I get? I need a "10-12", right between the medium and large sizes. Would rather not have it snug, but don't want it sloppy loose, either.

  3. Hi Michelle, for what it's worth I am a pretty solid 8, 28" waist, not at all busty (36a), and wear a medium, fits just the way I like -- loose but not sloppy see I think they fit true to size but if i had to pick I would go a size larger, based on what you are saying. The cut is very flattering but the fabric is not exactly clingy but drapey.


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