Thursday, April 30, 2015

Sparrow's Nio Cross Country! "A little too keen"

USEF has the video of the Rolex rides (all days!). I'm loving the video of Rolex first-timers Sparrow's Nio, the TB/Connemara cross, and rider Allie Blyskal-Sacksen.  Neo's sire is famous Connemara stallion  Grange Finn Sparrow.

This pair had a runout at the Head of the Lake), but still the ride is wonderful. In the *narrated footage the commentator attributed the runout not to  the pair being over-faced, or green, but to Neo being "just a little too keen." Her observation: the little grey had jumped too boldly/big at the first fence and the rider was unseated a little -- she couldn't help guide him to the skinny a few strides away. You can tell just looking at him that he is smart-smart-smart. Allie must have her hands full, but what a good problem to have on a course like this...

*Note that to get the narrated footage you have to go to the full video of all competitors.

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