Tuesday, May 26, 2015

George Morris on patience

This is a photo from the article. Read it :-)!
The Chronicle of the Horse posted a great article on George Morris -- "Riders ditch their stirrups on Day 5 of the Gladstone Program."  I like to read about George, because he is from an era that defined modern American riding -- and he is cool. I love this passage below...

Katie Cox's athletic horse Twilight was giving her a hard time, refusing to relax and swapping canter leads. Morris praised Cox for handling him so well, but wanted to hop on the horse himself, sans stirrups, to teach the gelding some respect for the aids.

The hot-tempered gelding clearly has a sense of humor, because once Morris got a leg up, he refused to move into the trot. 

"He's a character," Morris laughed. "I can't make this horse trot! It's water on a stone, people. Horses take patience, infinite patience. Wait for the horse."

Later in the article he said he did not spend long on the horse, because he ran out of gas. At his age, it's impressive that he is getting on these finely tuned hothead horses...

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