Sunday, May 10, 2015

Retired Racehorse Project -- why join?

This year at Rolex I was not as spendy as I usually am -- what I did spend money on was a worthy cause -- the Retired Racehorse Project. For just $45 I got all of these benefits and the knowledge that I'm contributing to a cause that supports TBs like the Harvster. I'm excited about the new magazine, The Off the track Thoroughbred, which I'll receive as a founding member.

 If you have ever thought about joining, now is a good time. They also have logo-wear that is absolutely awesome -- I got the sweatshirt but the t-shirt is nice too. I LOVE the logo...

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  1. I support the Retired Racehorse Project when I shop on Amazon!

    They are one of many charitable organizations that you can support by setting it up on Amazon Smile (

    It's not much of a donation (.05% of purchase price), and it doesn't apply to all items on Amazon, but every little bit helps!


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