Saturday, June 6, 2015

Bees, who knew?

I've always liked bees in theory, from afar, but never dreamed of up-close and personal encounters. Through a confluence of events, I'm getting involved with bees at Lehigh University where I work. I'm participating in weekly, or bi-weekly, beehive checks, and pretty soon we'll be planting bee-friendly plants near our Lehigh hive.  The bee population is growing pretty rapidly and we're seeing nectar. The challenge will be winter, but we're taking steps to keep them protected. And hopefully we won't have a winter like 2014 -- UGH. 

The bee club students and advisor are super-enthused, and university administrators have been un-BEE-lievably supportive and helpful with this project. Exciting!

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  1. Stacey! That's great! It is an amazing hobby that I liken to my horse hobby in that the learning NEVER ends. It is fascinating, rewarding, challenging and good for everyone, everywhere. I absolutely love the smell when you crack open a hive. Best wishes on your new endeavor. We are 2 Queen Bees on FB. :)


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