Sunday, June 21, 2015

CoolBlast ombre shirt from Dover

I just got this ombre Coolblast shirt from Dover Saddlery. LOVE IT, with one caveat. I was urged by the rep to order a size larger b/c the shirts run very small. Strangely Dover said they could not check sizing or provide a measurement, so I had to go with their advice.

Well, I ordered the large, and it arrived, a full 42" across the chest. WAY too big. The Dover rep explained that this company has traditionally run very small but the manufacturer may have changed their sizing. She indicated, too, that they can check on sizing. I got a call within 24 hours about the measurements.

 Anyway, Dover is doing a quick exchange for a medium -- still 40" chest but way better, and I like things roomy. In the meantime I can tell you that the colors are gorgeous and the CoolBlast feature, mesh underarm insets, are subtle and indeed, cool.


  1. How is the shirt on a hot day? Does it really keep you cool? I've been wanting to try these, but just can't believe that a long sleeve shirt on a hot day is better than short sleeves!


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