Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Horze Glove Review and Giveaway!

These Horze.com Supreme Neo summer riding gloves are sex-o-ramic, as Bob says. Their cool plum color (also available in blue), sleek fit and feel, and stretchiness are the glove equivalent of a body suit like Emma Peel wore on The Avengers.  They make your hands look great.
They do not have the opening at the wrist as some gloves do, but I had no trouble getting these size 8's on. If you are a 7.5, go up a size to an 8, because these fit nicely. They retail for $18.95.
I have some photos below, and you can see more at On my Google Photos site. Horze has some great gloves, and a whole category of  summer gloves.

Stay tuned for the giveaway (tomorrow's post) -- if you wear between a 7.5 and 8 these gloves will fit you.

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