Wednesday, August 12, 2015

$50,000 Ridge At Riverview Grand Prix -- I was there!

I went with Bob and a friend to The Ridge at Riverview -- Nona Garson's place -- and watch the Grand Prix jumpers. This little horse won, and I don't even know his name -- he was number 99, and he looked to be 16 hands or less. There was another horse there named Aerobic, a name that would be appropriate for Riley :-).

Wow, I mean, Wow.  If you turn up the volume you will hear how wow'ed Bob and I are. The number of times Bob and I say "wow" in this competition would make a good drinking game...

It's been awhile since I've seen jumpers, and it seems to me that breeders must be crossing these animals with alien life forms, or cats. They are freakishly athletic, coming to the bottom of each fence and powering over in prodigious leaps, snapping their knees to their chin, clearing many jumps by a foot or more.

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  1. What a small world! I've shown twice at the Ridge at Riverview, and that facility is stunning...the footing is great, the layout of the rings is logical, and the shows are always run really well! The athleticism of the jumper horses and the technicality of the courses is why I love the jumper ring, and hopefully I'll compete in a Grand Prix one day :) Glad you had a good time!


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