Monday, August 31, 2015

Hackney Horse Koopman's Rumba & Alice Simpson, Woodbridge Dressage 2015 ...

Love this pair. I'd own this horse in a New York Minute! This video makes me happy -- seeing these two work together with such cheerfulness! The canter work is really lovely. I get the impression they've been partners awhile. 


  1. You can certainly see the active knees and hocks. To me, the size, bone, and white markings make this horse look more a Clydesdale/Hackney cross than a pure Hackney.

    1. I'm awful at figuring out breeding but it crossed my mind that this fellow resembles a Clydesdale.

  2. Nice! His little moment of impatience in the final halt made me sad, but I bet they still got a pretty good score. Want more? Here is their 2nd 3 test, I believe from the same show.


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