Thursday, August 6, 2015

Harvey has a new entourage

The farm where Harvey lives seems to have officially declared their chickens to be free range -- flown the coop, at least for the last week or so. These chickens have quickly learned which of the horses flings his grain angrily out of the bucket while eating. Oh, sometimes he just up-ends it too.

When I feed Harv his third feeding of the day near dusk, the chickens are at least as interested as Harv. They linger nearby, waiting for the windfall of horse grain. It is cute.

But then everything involving Harv is pretty cute.

Harv has seemed a little under the weather lately -- I'm hoping it is the heat. He is moving slow, a little lethargic, and not eating with his usual gusto. He got dinged up the other day and his left hind was swollen -- I think he might be struggling to get up and down. Not really enough data points to call the vet yet. Today is the first day in a few weeks where the temps are moderate. I'll see how he looks tonight...

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