Thursday, August 27, 2015

Review: Padded underwear for riding and biking

On the Chronicle of the Horse forums, you'll read occasionally about something called "the Inverness Problem." A member with the name Inverness once confessed about chafing in the nether regions, and it sparked a long, involved thread on the subject.
I read it with interest, since the summer months can sometimes lead to chafing. There are several underwear products on the market -- you'll see them advertised in Dover Saddlery's catalogbut they are all expensive, running between $21-90, and who knows how long they last?
Now that I'm biking, I really need padded bike pants, but I hate buying one more pair of pants when I have so many yoga pants and leggings already. The solution was to find padded bike undies that work, and that don't cost a lot, and wear them under everything.

I found these on Ebay, from ilastone (seller), you'll find these great pink padded undies for under $8. They're light, well-padded, and cheap! When you think of the cost of a regular pair of underwear, they're a steal.

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