Monday, August 24, 2015

Super barn has stalls available, Bucks Co.

USDF Silver Medalist Kristin Corcoran on Quince,
who is currently schooling Grand Prix movements.
I've been fortunate in my years of horse ownership to have kept my horses at wonderful facilities. I've moved around a bit as my needs have changed, but I've been very lucky. Maybe having wonderful horses helps ;-).

A barn recommendation
That said, my experience boarding Riley at Graystone Equestrian Center has exceeded expectations in every way. Care is individualized/meticulous, training is top-notch, and the facility is beautifully managed. The atmosphere is up-beat and supportive, and owners/trainers Kristin and Kendra are both knowledgable/experienced and hands-on in care and management -- a great combination. Riley has been there about three years now.

While the barn has nearly always been full, they currently have several stalls open due to boarders moving and horses sold. If you have a are looking for a barn for your horse, or if you have a young prospect that needs a good start, it's a barn that you should consider!

Riley enjoying turnout in his pasture.

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  1. My dreams is to have a horse to keep. You are living with your dreams. I am fully aware that keeping a horse is quite expensive and so many factors to consider before buying it.


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