Saturday, August 22, 2015

Waist training is a thing, apparently

So I guess "waist training" is a thing -- think corset with modern textiles/rubber, and you've got the idea. Weird thing is, if you can stomach the suffering (so to speak), it apparently does shrink your waist.

Now I'd love to look better in breeches, but at the expense of my internal organs? My spine? No. I'm pretty sure this is a fad -- who would put up with this kind of craziness? I looked at a few reviews on Youtube, and one really made me chuckle.

Ann, who looks to be under twenty years-old, bought the size small--because she wants to wear a small. "I had to lose weight to fit into the size small waist trainer, so first I lost 8 lbs...." She loses weight to fit into the corset, and in losing weight she doesn't really need the corset! The moral is, the answer to our problems lies within us!
God love this girl.

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  1. This is a fad, but there is another type of waist training which many people find beneficial to their physical and mental health and many others enjoy for it's effect on their figure.


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