Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Amy Winehouse: Musings 3

So I'm nearing the end of my Amy Winehouse  mini-obsession. I'm finally starting to listen to other music, although one song still plays in my head whenever I have a quiet moment, Wake Up Alone. For all of this sad research and sense of loss and waste, I hadn't cried.

The movie Amy was cry-worthy -- even Bob said he had to look away a few times. I  did tear up a little -- but no crying.

There is an online forum devoted to Amy and her music. The forum is still somewhat active, which is remarkable since she died in 2011. There are threads on her lyrics, her best performances, her personal style, her interviews, and more.  None of the posts are creepy or morbid; most are upbeat, all are admiring. These are young people, mostly, and they clearly love her.

I read through posts of AW news, lyrics, videos, remembrances. So little new information, and ever-dwindling, but still people engage with the forum.

There is one subject line: anyone else keep dreaming about her?

One forum member's signature line is "We only said goodbye with words," a line from Back to Black.

One young woman posted a new, previously unreleased photo. She wrote "Look Guys! A new photo of our Amy!"

Our Amy.

That made me cry.

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