Friday, September 25, 2015

Feeding Harv

So presently Harv is on these feeds, in amounts that are much smaller than he would like...
  • One or two flakes of hay (and much of it is left over, as he cannot chew)
  • Releve original formula from Kentucky Equine Research. 30 lb bag is $25. Low carb, high fat.  Amusingly, the feeding directions say to feed "6-20lbs a day" depending on workload.  NSC 10%
  • Poulin Forage Extender, $15/bag and 6% NSC.
  • Proforce Senior, small amount. 20%NSC -- it's what our barn feeds. After we go through this feed I'm hoping to switch to Triple Crown
  • Timothy cubes. Harv is not that keen on the soaked cubes.
  • Beet pulp. Harv is not that keen on unsweetened beet pulp. 
  • Timothy pellets -- a bust.
  • Denghie hay -- a none-starter
Poulin feeds are known for their low carb feeds, and they are not expensive -- the forage extender is about $14.  I like the Releve for its high fat content, but can't afford it long term. Triple Crown Senior is also very low carb and it's more affordable.

I'm scrambling a little here, trying a lot of different things.


  1. Wow! Harv's diet looks better than mine!

  2. Tricky. My guy is a bit picky about what he likes to eat. Trying to get the calories into him is not easy. Tried adding oil to the feed. As long as it wasn't too much, he was OK, but the didn't eat when it was too much.

    Wish the feeds were not so expensive. Hope the Triple Crown suits his palate.

  3. Long time TC user here, and also have a 27 yo senior. He gets almost 20 lbs of TC Senior per day. In the winter we mix it with soaked unsweetened BP to get more in. If you want more fat, I strongly recommend the TC stabilized ground flax. The problem with oils is the high omega 6:3 ratio, which causes inflammation in already arthritic joints. Flax is high in Omega 3, with plenty of fat.

    Also consider soaked alfalfa cubes as alfalfa has a lower NSC value than most hay.

    I had a young IR horse that I fed TC Lite because of the VERY low NSC value. I could induce a laminitic episode by feeding him TC senior instead. Just be vigilant when you switch (as I'm sure you will be)! Same horse got alfalfa and unsweet beet pulp.

    Feeding an older IR horse is a challenge, that's for sure. Good luck!

  4. What about this coconut based feed?

  5. My horses love beet pulp now, but they didn't when I first started feeding them it. I'd try mixing something he likes into it and then gradually reduce the extra whatever.

  6. Have you tried Rice Bran for adding fat to Harv's diet. My TBs LOVE it - and no added "hotness" (other than their chubby buttcheeks ;)

  7. We've been feeding TC Senior for years now and still loving it. It's the most consistent feed we've ever fed - besides rice bran. Even fed the TC Senior to an 11 year old!
    Anyway, here's hoping you can get the right mixture that he can eat - that he WILL eat. :-)

  8. Alfalfa is NOT recommended for IR/Cushings horses, as it can make some of them foot-sore or even laminitic/foundered. It's also the first ingredient in TC Senior, so be careful with that. I highly recommend joining Dr. Kellon's ECIR Horse group, as they have the best, most up-to-date info.

  9. If you can get finishing touch, it was a fantastic top dressing for my guy. Not sure on the sugar content, but it doesn't make them hot.

  10. I know of an owner who had good luck with Triple Crown Lite for an older, heavy pony. I already mentioned the hay stretcher pellets and that seems to be one of the things on your list.

  11. Another option (maybe) is to use something like Chaffhaye (I give it before and after work to mine in fairly small amounts) - but personally if he is not eating the timothy balance cubes and beet pulp I would consider getting a consult with Eleanor Kellon now, before winter sets in, and see if she can help you formulate a diet that suits the IR, the Cushings, and overal nutrional needs. And that he likes. On the list I believe they have a file for things to try for horses that won't eat the recommended rations. Also not sure where you are with the Pergolide - but there is a common side effect of going off feed when starting it at full dosage


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