Friday, September 4, 2015

movie review -- fastest ever

I watched We are Marshall -- an inspiring football movie to be sure. I love a good underdog story, and this team "rises from the ashes" after a devastating loss -- the college's football team and many of the fans perished in a plane crash. There was a great quote in the movie, delivered by Matt Mcdonowhatever...
It doesn't matter if we win, or if we lose. It's not even about how we play the game. What matters is that we play the game. That we take the field.
You can view the whole quote at Masterpiece Movie Lines. I can't find a video clip but the movie is worth watching for its message.

And the message is there for amateur riders, too. I sometimes chide myself for investing so much time and resources in a sport where advancement is difficult, expensive, and (most importantly) reliant on a fragile partner. My only defense is that it is what I love to do.

So I get out there and ride.

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