Friday, October 2, 2015

Charlotte Dujardin Dressage Demo at Rolex Central Park Horse Show

Big buck at 2:30" !!! I think this is an unfamiliar horse, and even without sound (Bob is sleeping) I can see his piaffe improve dramatically in a few moments...

The buck!

Overall a very neat, if short, clip...

And here is her catch ride freestyle...


  1. wow i'm not sure i would have stuck that haha

  2. The full clip: Horse is owned and trained by Evie Strausseer (spelling?)

  3. Missed the buck but I saw most of Charlotte's demo clinic. It was broadcast live on the Internet. She was totally amazing! All I can say is I wish I could ride a tenth as well as she. She focused on making the horse SO elastic. Horse was Canadian Olympic mount. Been scoring in the 68% range in Grand Prix. Still a bit green in the piaffe and tempis. Charlotte remarked that she hoped she hadn't "ruined" him for Evi's next competition. Hah! This freestyle was only about maybe her second or third ride on this horse and it was Valegro's European Championship freestyle choreography. Clearly over the head of this horse, but still what a super ride. She, I think, made a few things a little easier.

    If the full clinic video is available, it is a "must see." Charlotte is a wonderful teacher and she explained things so clearly as she demo'd. Her training methods are exacting but so very correct. Wish she'd been riding my horse for me.

    And the buck? I'm impressed....but I am told my guy let loose one of nearly the same caliber before a lesson I was taking. I sat it OK, but if he had let fly with another one, I'd have been gone for sure. I'm guessing the horse Charlotte was on was far more athletic and powerful than my guy.


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