Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Harv: Blood results

S So Harv got his second set of blood results for Cushings (ACTH) and insulin. We was tested before breakfast but after a night on "fairly sparse" grass. His insulin level was normal and his ACTH was high, but only by 20 points compared to 55 points three weeks ago. Of course the pergolide might be helping.

His body condition was assessed at a 4 out of 9. I asked if that was bad for a horse his age, and the vet said, "For him to be alive at 28,  at any weight, is wonderful." Okay, I get it.

The vet also said to feed him normally, but without the sweet boiled apple and carrot dessert I had been feeding him daily.

We've ramped up the TC Senior and have added forage extender and Dehy timothy cubes to boost his feed program.

Put on that weight, Harv!


  1. Go, Harvey! I hope he starts to gain so he can go into winter in good weight. The only other things I can think of are probiotics to help with digestion and extra lysine to help with vitamin and mineral absorption. I give my seniors 10g a day extra over and above what they get in their diets and I have seen improvement in top lines as a result. It does sound like the pergolide has helped. All good thoughts to you and Harv!

  2. Normal feed!! Harv must be happy :) Glad to hear some positive news. Kudos to you for taking such good care of him.

  3. Go, Harvey, GO! Since I don't have an oldie in my life to adore, I am shamelessly borrowing yours.


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