Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Harvey confounding me

I went to see Harv tonight -- I snapped this photo of him and his little buddy Autumn when I first got to the barn  -- he seemed calm and alert, not at all ill.

I brought him into his stall, and he did not settle in. He was anxiously staring out the Dutch door and pacing -- not too surprising in that moment, as  his buddy was still outside. His buddy came in a bit later.

Harv didn't really seem much more settled, and he didn't eat his food when I set it down.


I took off his blanket to find patchy sweat. It was not hot out by any means, around mid-fifties, and the blanket was light-weight. His nostrils were flaring, his breathing shallow. Pulse about 50. I wondered if being out 24/7 in this long stretch of nice weather had made him intolerant of the stall. Or maybe there were deer outside? It was now dark. I shut the Dutch door since looking outside seemed to alarm him. I tried to give him some banamine, but saliva is his superpower. Prodigious amounts the instant the syringe is squirted. He got at least some of it, but I can't say how much. An awful lot got spit out.

I watched Harv for about an hour. The sweat patches were larger now. He periodically was calling/bellowing, which is not what I'd expect in a colic. He pooped, which is good. He peed a bit, which made it seem unlikely that he was having a bladder issue -- given his peeing issue, I wondered if he had a blockage.

I called the vet -- she had me check his temp (normal), asked about his vitals. We discussed her coming out but by the time we spoke Harv was starting to calm down a bit. The banamine? We decided to give him a few hours. I just now got a report from the barn manager that "all is well."

So, for now, he is okay. Harvey, man of mystery, is scaring me.


  1. He might have mild dementia. My 25 year old Hanoverian cross is great physically but seems to be getting more easily set off as she gets older. Just generally more spooky, easily upset, and almost hotter than she was as a youngster, which was pretty hot. When I asked the vet about this he said, in his experience, some horses almost get a form of dementia when they get older which exhibits as spooky behavior, more running around, and generally being more reactive. I do think there might be some truth to this as I have watched her get a bit worse as she ages.

  2. He could have just had a gassy pocket -- they are very painful but once they move or pass it's like it never happened.


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