Friday, October 9, 2015

Leg on, leg off

Charlotte Dujardin did a masterclass in Oregon last week, I think, and the Chronicle of the Horse covered it -- Kick says Charlotte Dujardin. What a lot of great sound bytes!

Between the video that I posted the other day and this article, she has some juicy tidbits:

  • "Short reins win gold medals"
  • "Put you leg on a hot horse, take your leg off a dull horse."
  • No Whips! Dujardin allows a whip to be used when needed (e.g., schooling flying changes), but other than that, riders were taught to have a horse that jumped forward off the leg
She also said that Valegro, a horse that has won numerous world championships, was purchased for 5,000 pounds, she said (about $5,600) and Hester’s Nip Tuck was 2,500 euros. They were purchased as foals/youngsters...

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  1. I disagree wholeheartly on the whip. Indeed, the horse should go forward off the leg, but how would I increase the pressure if I didn't have the whip with me.


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