Sunday, October 11, 2015

My Trainer: Kristin Corcoran Part 3

The last few posts are just an example of how Kristin has worked with me. While people say you can't really "teach feel," Kristin does, somehow.

More about Kristin
A former eventer (through Prelim) and B-rated pony club, Kristin is a USDF silver medalist and is currently schooling Grand Prix movements on her TB/Andalusian cross Quince.

I have been at Graystone for three years and have personally seen how horses (including my own horse Riley), bloom and develop under their care and training.  She has a finesse and subtlety in her riding and a talent for working with young horses. In my observation she brings integrity and character into her training -- standards are high but she breaks things down and makes it easy for her horses to succeed.

Graystone has changed Riley, and he has enjoyed both physical good health/soundness and development as a riding horse. His daily care program centers around keeping his feet in good shape, and his shoes on, and vive la difference! He's been in steady work with no issues for years (did I say that out loud?).

Riley was in full training for several years. When Kristin rides him he is truly a "wow!" horse -- he's learned to sit and lift at the canter, his trot is loftier and his hind leg quicker, his body more supple. Riley adores her. Equally important Kristin is helping me to rise to the challenge of riding this big, goofy, sweet, but somewhat unmotivated boy. I'm not yet achieving what Kristin has achieved but we are on the learning curve.

Kristin and her sister Kendra run Graystone Equestrian Center, a 28-acre barn near Lake Nockamixon in Quakertown. The farm is family-operated, and riders and boarders enjoy the small-is-beautiful environment and individualized care. They have a stall or two open, and I highly recommend them!

 Thanks to Kristin, who is gifted at finding new ways to help me learn.

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