Friday, October 23, 2015

On to the next (old) treatment...

So Bob has been on an experimental treatment since August. While it initially seemed promising, the effects have declined to a point where the doctors at UPenn have decided to take him out of the trial (he'll show up in the research results among those who were not helped by the drug).

Apparently the next step is to go back to treatments that did not work in the past, but in different combinations. I'm not thrilled with this. This year we have cranked through four treatments (TSEB, Interferon, Vorinostat, the experimental drug).

Honestly it has not been a great year -- here is one more chit in the "baaaad news" bucket. 


  1. I am sorry that the treatments did not work for him. I hope that the new combination is more effective.

  2. Has he had his vit D level checked, in all the bloodwork? I read Anti-Cancer, by Dr. David Servan Schreiber when I was first diagnosed with breast cancer. He believes everyone has cancer in their bodies, but some immune systems fight it and some don't. He advises Vitamin D and green tea, broccoli and turmeric are strong cancer fighters, but they will never make the mainstream because there is no money in it. I take around 10,000 iu's of Vitamin D in the non-summer months. Just wondering.


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