Friday, October 16, 2015

Stretching: It looks so fun if you're a cat

  I hate stretching.

So easy and satisfying for my cats.

So wretched for me.

I have new exercises to help my hips and inner thighs to stretch. Unfortunately the degree to which I loathe these exercises is exceeded only by the degree that I need to do them.

The payoff, or the potential payoff, is getting to a "good place" with Riley faster in our rides, because my legs will hopefully relax and "release" faster.

But it hurts!!!!! The pain is weird, it is almost like nausea. I feel stretching in my gut, and it ain't a good feeling.

And even if it didn't hurt... It's boring. 


  1. good for you for doing them anyway! I hope that you will see results soon with them.

  2. Can you share the stretches? I doubt you are the only middle-aged dressage rider with tightness/stiffness issues; ahem. ;-)

  3. Typically when you're stretching and doing it right, it almost becomes sort of zen like. You can feel the muscles release and it is therapeutic in a way. Doing long deep stretches is even more so. If you haven't tried yoga, I would suggest it. It warms the muscles up allowing for better stretches at the end and is a relaxing workout to boot.


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