Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Two Horse Tack: It's raining reins!

My THT reins on my Horze bridle
BTW, this is not a paid testimonial.

When I got my new Horze bridle (which I still love), I did not use the reins that came with them, First of all, Riley needs extra long reins. Secondly, I love my reins from Two Horse Tack. Two Horse Tack makes tack from Beta Biothane, which is a wonderful material, especially for tack.
  1. It looks like leather. I would show with these reins in a heartbeat.
  2. Beta Biothane wears like iron.
  3. It cleans up easily with soap and water.
  4. Two horse Tack reins are economical, starting at $18, and come in a variety of colors as well camo, high reflectivity,  and rhinestone-studded!
  5. The reins come in many different styles, for different disciplines.
  6. A high-grip option is available.
Reins tend to take a beating, and I love my Twho Horse Tack reins.  They look new and I can just hose them off.

Go to their site and take a look at the many styles of bridlework  -- western, English, medieval, Australian, mule, hunting, endurance, you name it! Oh, by the way, they are great folks to work with if you have a custom request AND, they support equine rescues. Most of their "models" are rescue horses.

The hunter bridle on a handsome horse!

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  1. These are lovely bridles. I of course had to look at their medieval bridles--nice stuff. However, I got quite a chuckle out of their Icelandic bridles. The headstall goes over the bit, not under it. But what they show is quite functional. And I love the Icelandic bling bridle. I need to think about rhinestone and color combinations on a chestnut horse. Humm...light blue and iridescent maybe? I am going to have to think about this.


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