Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Cats and sharing

Since we have two cats we thought it made sense to get two cat perches, one for each. It hasn't worked out that way...



  1. Amusing and quite, "cat." "Share" is not always in the feline vocabulary. *G*

  2. Just felt compelled to drop you a line--hope you don’t mind that its via a comment on your blog! I am truly enjoying reading your blog--I just recently found it, but have read all of this year and also most of your first 2 years of it-when Riley was a baby! Im working my way through it and enjoying! Brief history of me....I called Bethlehem, PA home for many years-I am in Florida now since 2006. I am a runner and my husband and I own an IT consulting business—My amateur Riding, mainly dressage but a little bit of hunting and very low level eventing, was my PASSION all through childhood and college. Long story short, Ill spare you the details but riding and horses sadly left my life except for a brief stint while living in upstate New York. I somehow found a nearby dressage barn that the owner had been mentored and trained by Bettina Drummond, a classical dressage guru. Though I didn’t have a horse I took lessons and really enjoyed the instruction-it was so refreshing! After about a year I was again forced to leave the area where this barn was and when I said my goodbyes they told me they were about to offer me some horses to ride because they really liked my technique! I was flattered and saddened. I literally put horses out of my life and thoughts for the next 21 years. Fast forward to today, my 8 year old begged for riding lessons for a year and I finally I relented. Being at the barn again has made me realize “What am I waiting for??!!” My first official lesson in 21 years is scheduled for next week! I have no idea what to expect of my body but I hope it remembers (at 46 years old) how to ride! LOL! Anyhow prayers to your husband and Harv and know that I wait with anticipation for your blog posts! Stay warm in PA !!


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