Friday, November 6, 2015

Harvey footage -- walkin' and trottin'

Okay, it's a slow news day, so here is footage I took of Harv over the weekend. I'm told that Pergolide can make your horse a little sluggish, and I have found Harv to be a little low energy since he started it. With this in mind, his gaits show some decline, I think. At 1'30" there is a whoopsy with the hind leg, and the trotwork near the end shows the circuitous path his his hind legs make while his front legs tow the line.

His weight looks good though, and generally he looks pretty happy. And cute, as always.


  1. Going onto the pergolide in increments can really help with that sluggish thing, and if you taper down until the sluggishness resolves and then taper up slowly again, it can also help. APF can also really help with this Pergolide haze.

  2. Such a pretty boy :) He definitely looks happy to me, too


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