Monday, December 7, 2015

Photos of Harv, December 4

My barn manager took these photos of Harv the morning he went to Heaven. You can see it is a gorgeous day and he had time with his best buddy, Shiraz. I'll write tomorrow about the decision to say goodbye. It was difficult.


  1. The last picture makes it look as if he is in heaven already. So nice to have such precious memories. Hold on to them and they to find your smile again.

    1. That's supposed to read, "Try to find your smile again."

  2. I have been a long time reader (over 3 years now!), and feel like almost know you by now. However, I think this is my first comment!

    So very sorry for your loss Stacey- losing our four legged family members is always the hardest on our hearts. I hope you were able to say goodbye and know that he went in peace. Treasure your memories and pictures with Harv, and your time with Riley. I lost my mare in August, and I know how difficult the past few days have been/ next few weeks will be.

    Sending you my best wishes


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