Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Harv -- video taken early December

This kind of a sad video -- nothing horrible happens, but maybe you won't want to watch it -- taken around Dec. 2. I had been worrying about Harv's steadiness and overall demeanor, wondering if he was in danger of falling. A friend suggested that I take video to look at things more objectively.

I'd seen Harv whack his hips on the side of the stall, more than once -- putting him in his stall and training the video on him, it was distressingly easy to capture this on film, probably took about 3 minutes.

The other footage is out in his paddock. I'd advise watching it full screen, and turn the sound up.  It's just a quick excerpt of the full footage I took -- about an hour's worth.

This was not the only factor in making "the hard decision" but it seemed to me like Harv's situation was more and more precarious. You guys have stuck with me this long, through everything Harv has been through, so I thought I'd share this too. Thanks all.

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  1. Hello Stacey. I started following your blog in early 2010. I had to put my big, handsome QH/TB gelding down in mid-2010 at the age of 25. I've followed your posts about Harv with great empathy. Now my little Morgan mare is 20 and I, too, have worried for too long about losing her, and how on earth I will get thru to life without her. I didn't read blogs during the holidays and missed that Harv had passed, so yesterday I looked all the way back thru old posts until I found the one in which you made the decision. You absolutely did right by him, all along. I follow several blogs and never, ever post comments, but I had to send you belated sympathy. Warm regards~


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