Monday, January 4, 2016

Harvey jumping

Harv was an event horse when I bought him, but he had started stopping at fences when he moved up to training? prelim? I forget now. At any rate, this "flaw" made him tough to sell, and the owners did not think to market him as a dressage horse.

When I first bought him, I was a re-rider with a 20 year old hunt saddle. I could dabble in dressage, jumping, and we did trails with an old friend Linda and her horse Secret.

Note, also that I am sans helmet, because I was an idiot. Lucky me...

The Harv archive: Jumping sans helmet, 1998 from Behind the Bit Blog on Vimeo.


  1. Fun movie! I think we all have old pictures and movies from the pre-helmet days. While I too wear one, always now, the chances are relatively small that we will fall off and hit our heads on something.

  2. Harv sounds like fun. I used to jump without a helmet too. Stupidity of the "old days," before we all knew better.

  3. He looks wonderful! What a great break for you to get such a wonderboy.

  4. P.S. My helmet had the teeny elastic band. So much for actually keeping it on my head. My mom, of course, made me pull it down under my chin. Hilarious.


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