Sunday, January 10, 2016

Properly ventilated head! Tipperary Sportage

A friend of mine used to joke that she has a mind like a steel sifter. I think of this phrase as I sport my new Tipperary Sportage helmet, which is uber-light and ventilated.  I LOVE being able to feel air circulating up there as I ride. The Sportage also has extra coverage at the base of the head, b/c I one wants to keep the ole brain stem in working order.

I got my Tipperary Sportage at Riding Warehouse for about $55 shipped due to a sale (normally they're around $80.

The Sportage is also -- well, sporty -- in its design, with the cool horse logo and textured blue (and heaps of colors available, thought not orange).  You can't see it too well in these photos, but it has a leatherlike attachment from the helmet, which I think looks better and adjusts better than nylon. The Sportage is one of the few "low end (under $100) helmets to have this.

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  1. I switched to Tipperary two years ago after getting a concussion in one of those stylish low profile helmets. I have been very happy with my helmet, and I especially love that it covers the back of my head more than any other helmet. When I come off I seem to always end up landing on my back and hitting the back of my head. I love the colors that they offer too. I got the pink one for Helmet Awareness Day last year, and got one of their show versions for Christmas. :)


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