Wednesday, February 10, 2016

How to clean a cat dish -- Part 1 of a 3 part series

Many of us are very meticulous about horse care. Bob doesn't do horses, but he is meticulous about the cats in a way that will resonate with many horse people.  And, if you happen to have this sort of cat fountain, it's useful!

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  1. O.M.G. First of all, how can you have a cat fountain with no primary charcoal filter?? And you don't use a knife to pry the pump apart, you use a small flat screw driver. And never put the detergent directly on the pump - it's too hard to rinse and if the cats can taste it they'll stop drinking and they'll die of dehydration. Also, he is using the wrong brush. Blue is for birds, it's GREEN for felines! And if you follow the color code you don't need to write on the brushes. That ink might be toxic! And yes, those little feet can pop off, but you MUST clean around them better than that. He needs a toothbrush. Also green. Green = feline. And a Q-tip in the pump? Really?? Little fibers might come off and cause wear on the impeller. They make tiny little brushes for spaces like that. And he put it in the dish washer? WHAT?? That leaves the cats without water for like, 45 minutes! They'll get dehydrated and get urinary problems!! They crazy things you see on YouTube. Sheesh. (I don't have horse-craziness, I have dressage queen level OCD, lol. And a smart mouth. Love BTB! Stay warm :-D)


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